Sunday, August 26, 2012


What is MagicJack?
A simple app to call any US number free!!

Completely free. No paid version.

Review - Version (2.1.1)
Now calls to any US number is free, never mind its a Land line or mobile. You can talk to your friends, relatives or any one else with no time bound. This is an unlimited service. The sound quality is pretty much good with 3G or WiFi. With 2G data connection, your
calls will be breaking. Once you launch the app, it looks very similar to the iPhone "Phone" screen. You can pick contacts from iPhone contact list or MagicJack contact list where you can also add new contacts. Remember, you don't need to country code prefix for calling US number (Don't get confused here, you can call only US number with this app).


Now the calls are free, as bonus to free service you will get a free voice mail and an incoming number too. All this services are completely free. Just leave the app running in background, you can receive incoming calls. To reach you, the person at US end has to dial a long number. But there is an alternative for this. Give a call to the US number and hang up and the US person can do a call back, so no worries of dialing long numbers. I am using this app for last three months and am completely satisfied.

To get free incoming number, you need to register first with your email id. Any voice mails for you will be emailed to you as an attachment. Definitely you can hear the message via the app too.


  • Excellent sound quality
  • No time limit for any calls.
  • Free incoming number
  • Free voice mail


  • 3G or Wifi required.
  • Ringer sound is boring "ring-ring" sound.
  • Contacts added to magicJack app is saved in server. I don't see any good reason for this. Not sure if the person identity is misused.

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