Thursday, August 9, 2012

iPhone Home button alternative

How many time do you press the Home button in an hour? Considering the design of iPhone you need to press this button at least 50+ times in an hour of good usage I guess. After a long time the first hardware part that may get on repair will be the Home button. Glad to say, Apple has covered this too, though for a different purpose, Yes, there is an alternative for Home button. This is called as AssistiveTouch. A soft home button I can say.

All you need to do is go to settings and enable it and you will see a bright spot (Lets call it as soft button) at your screen. This option is very helpful and you don't need to touch the Home button any more. Off course when you want to unlock you will have to press the Home button or the Lock button at top side of your phone. You change the position of soft button by just dragging it easily. The only disadvantage is the bright spot will be on every screen you go through and you feel why this here at times. The soft button gets faded a little if you are not using for a while.

Go to Settings-->General-->Accessibility-->AssistiveTouch is where you can enable this.

The good thing is it is not just Home button, but you can control all hardware button actions via this soft button. Once you touch the soft button you will see the options for Volume control up and down, Lock button, shake option, Rotate screen and Mute. All these additional functions will be coming up when you touch the Device option on touching the soft button.

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