Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Low Battery issue

This can happen to anyone. Your iPhone is running on low battery and you don’t have your iPhone charger with you. The day has started only and you need to keep the phone running till dawn for not missing important calls. Do these simple steps that will save your battery. As always said, noting is free. I am not asking money here, but you should not be
using any Internet and location based apps. As I said earlier
keeping the phone running till dawn for calls are important for you at this time rather than checking your emails and playing games. So here are options that you need to set off.

1. Go to settings and disable location services

2. Go to settings->General->Disable 3G network

3. Go to settings->General->Disable cellular data (You will be able to make & receive calls still)

4. Go to settings->Disable Wi-Fi.

5. If you are travelling and you noticed signal is very weak, change to Airplane mode immediately. Once you are in good signal reception you can change back this option.

Please note a 100% charged battery can be completely dead in just 8-10hrs of standby if your phone is in very weak signal area. Searching for network eats up your power very fast.

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