Thursday, August 2, 2012


What is Bump?
Easy photo sharing in seconds surprisingly!!

Completely free. No paid version.

Review - (Version 3.3.1)
Are you worried about your iPhone is not capable of sharing photos via Bluetooth like others do. Here is a way to surprise them. Just bump(hit) your phone with your friends
and the selected photos will be transferred to other phone in seconds. No searching and no pass code entries. Just connect when it asks for,done.

You can share photos as well contacts also. The technology is well utilized and implemented here. The app identifies the second phone by your location and time in microseconds when you bump, well, this is my understanding. Though seems simple, complicated algorithms are coded to sort out the two devices when a thousands of devices are bumped may be at a time. The interface is kept as simple, just three screens; one for business card sharing; another for Photo sharing; and the third for contact sharing.

The best of it is you can bump your photos to computer also. Here it looks funny but works great. Go to Bump, select the photos and hit your phone to the space bar of your computer keyboard. In seconds (really it took only less than 5 seconds to transfer three photos from my iPhone) it is done. Once it is bumped to computer couple of options are available, you can drag it to any folder; or you can get a short link to share the photos; or you can download all in a zip file; or you can share in Facebook. This is the best photo sharing app I have ever seen across.

  • Transfer Photos in seconds.
  • No searching, no pass code typing as in Bluetooth transfers.
  • Can be transferred to computer also very easily.
  • 4.5 rated in app store.

  • Currently works only in iPhone and Android phones.
  • At times, the app fails to find the device, but works in 1 - 2 bumps.


VINOD.T.V said...

Great feature, is this feature available with other phones(Ie Android phones)??

reporter said...

Yes. Bump can be installed in Android too.