Tuesday, July 31, 2012


What is Toshl?
A simple but powerful day to day expense tracker.

Free and paid versions are available. Free version is more than enough.

Review - (Version 1.7.2)
Toshl helps to track your expenses very efficiently. The interface is friendly and simple. You can also add income from different sources. One screen shows daily expense and
just swipe to left where it shows grouped expense. For example, If you have added Rs100 for tag Grocery on three different days, the second screen in expense section shows Rs300 for the tag Grocery and similarly for all the tags. Additional description can be added for each entry if required.

Budget can be set for a tag or group of tags and you can monitor where you stand anytime. Timeline is set monthly by default but can be changed. If you wish, the expense can be uploaded to Toshl site but exporting to excel requires purchase. The sum up section shows the total you spend for a timeline (monthly by default) and beautifully shows the gap with your income.

  • No need to add the expense tag separately, as you type first time it is saved automatically.
  • Password protected app.
  • Very friendly user interface.
  • In settings you can see the number of times each tag is used in total, by which you can easily identify the most used tag, in a way, that expense is the most you spend for.
  • If you have more than one income source, you need to buy Pro version to add  separately.
  • If you close and take the app immediately it asks for password. Earlier version prompts for password only if you open the app after a certain period of time(1-2 minutes I guess). More secure anyway.

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